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Short green bamboo bushes

Secrets of Clearing Bamboo

Bamboo is a valuable resource that must be managed, or it will get out of hand.  In a recent post about brush clearing causing erosion, wasted resources, and a general mess — the contractor involved cut bamboo off at the ground.  The only thing that would be worse than this would be to cut the bamboo and then bury it.  Here's why …

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Mushroom growing in mulch and straw

Erosion Control and Run-Off Management

Every rain inch washes away soil, never to be seen again.  Follow this soil down streams of run-off, down creeks into rivers, eventually into disappearing ponds.  Lake Lanier in Martinsville, VA, like hundreds of ponds across Virginia, pays more than $150,000 to be dredged.  This is a massive budget for a private pond.

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