About Us

How to Live A Simple and Fulfilling Life with Nature

Prosperity Homestead is an urban site seeking to apply practical and ecological solutions. Each project drives towards daily living using permaculture ethics, sound ecology, and sustainable living.

Justin Hitt is a business analyst, publisher, and avid gardener who manages Prosperity Homestead. Seeking the advice and counsel of other experts, you'll find practical solutions that help you get more from your land.

You'll learn how to build community, increase property values, and elevate your family's lifestyle. Each resource here builds on conversations with thinkers about ecology, the environment, and conservation.

What Does Prosperity Homestead Do for The Community?

By partnering with local organic producers, artisans, and subject matter experts, Prosperity Homestead seeks to document regenerative best practices. (No classes are held in the City of Martinsville.)

Demonstrations include erosion control, rainwater capture, no-till gardening, growing mushrooms, and nursery management. A monthly newsletter shares lessons learned through our podcast, courses, and publications.

Our mission statement is about the application of environmentally sustainable land management principles. These skills are not always welcome by the city administration and zoning officials. Read about those challenges as well.

The good news is the regional garden, native plant, and naturalist clubs are our greatest allies. Prosperity Homestead works with a network of permaculture consultants, foresters, professional engineers, and naturalists across Virginia and North Carolina.

Projects at Prosperity Homestead consult Virginia Tech, University of North Carolina, various agricultural extensions, and natural resources departments. If you have any questions about practical application, join our newsletter or contact us.

Who Specifically Benefits from Prosperity Homestead?

You're in the right place if you own a small farm, homestead, or estate. Discover land management techniques that increase land utilization while sustaining ecology. Clients tend to be affluent homeowners, families, and family farms.

Whether you grow food, raise animals, manage orchards, or provide for your family, you can do it using regenerative methods that improve the environment. Prosperity Homestead is about making it easy to grow quality food for yourself and others.

NOTE: Prosperity Homestead is private property; please contact us before visiting and understand tours are available by appointment only. Consider us your neighbors. That means don't eat vegetables, pick flowers, or wander around the property without permission.