What if there were surefire ways to increase property values in any economy? And if those property value increasing secrets made a property worth more, but never less.

Discover a modest home design that works in all environmental and political climates. This one design warms itself in the winter while cooling itself in the summer. What the average Roman knew about green home design that modern folks ignore.

What you can do to protect your liberties and increase food security. Charlie Rankin shares why you don’t count on your right to farm. In America there is a movement against farmers you need to know about.

Introducing Masanobu Fukuoka’s manifesto about farming, eating, and the limits of human knowledge in global systems where we rely on food. A recommendation for The One-Straw Revolution (book.)

An exciting year for the Martinsville Eco-House, part of Prosperity Homestead’s Permaculture Demonstration Site. From corrective brick work on chimney and old furnace exhaust, to timbering the property to correct erosion problems.

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