2019 Volume 1 In The Beginning with Prosperity Homestead

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Prosperity Homestead got serious about podcasting to share the good news about organic gardening, homesteading, and health. Justin Hitt had already delivered land management best practices, erosion control, and writing about beneficial insects.

37. Why You'll Always Be Managing Contractors (11:36) How you manage contractors is essential to your success with land projects. (8/8/2019; Amazon Music DE , Listen NotesPodcast Addict)

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Episode #CatalogDate PublishedEpisode titlePlatform
1Virginia's Largest Hugelkultur
388/7/2019Fast Healthy Meals Without Worry (12:49)Listen Notes
41001_M1019B10/22/2019Earthworks in the Rainy Season (15:00)iHeart Radio
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