Demand For Home Services Providers Growing

Serious homesteaders, preppers, gardeners, and wealthy individuals are actively hiring professionals to help them get the sustainability they seek.  Why should you be left out?

Demand for permaculture designers and homestead consultants is growing.  Need proof, here are experts and individual buyers looking for you …

  • Tips for Hiring a Permaculture Designer (The Prepper Project)  Includes a video of the results of hiring a professional.
  • Permaculturalist for hire? (Permies Forum)  Individual looking to hire a permaculture designer for their new property.
  • Gearing Up for a Bunch of Gardens (Big Sky Permaculture)  Talking specifically about very popular Permablitz events.

I could go on for pages.  Just grab SEPP HOLZER's book “Permaculture”, flip to the back pages and see what he has been paid to do.  Why not you, the SEPP HOLZER of Virginia or even North Carolina?

Now that you have your Permaculture Design Certification — Are you ready to start living the life of your dreams helping improve the earth with as a service provider?  Let's face it teaching doesn't create as much change as doing.

How people landscape is to problem today and the solution is YOU!  Contact us to learn more about marketing services that build your business.