Do You Have the Right to Grow Your Own Food or Farm?

Do you have a right to grow your food, or even farm? The truth may surprise you. In the United States, many politicians promise to protect, then slowly erode your right to farm.

Charlie Rankin of Yanasa Ama Ventures shares the very harsh truth about the American Dream. You thought you'd retire to a small farm, homestead, or an estate.

The government is planning something else. The good news is that you can vote as an advocate for yourself if you invest in your education.

Don't Count on Your Right to Farm | The Movement Against Farms (52:24)

Quickly the United States (as well as other countries) leadership moves towards a collective government where food security is a tool rather than a reality. Even while advocacy groups fight, they often produce very little.

That's why your active role in cultivating the community you desire is necessary. Your dream may be transforming an old beat-up farm, even a mansion, into a generational home.

Don't let the government turn it into a nightmare. Here are a few insights that start you on the path of individual liberties with your land:

  1. Know your rights in the agricultural sector. By working with qualified real estate professionals, you'll get a better history of the property before buying it. The Agricultural Extension Office doesn't have all the answers.
  2. Choose sustainable practices (rather than ones forced on you.) Transform your land into a conservationist’s dream while growing all the food you want. It means lower costs, excellent productivity, and wildlife only thought possible in a Disney movie.
  3. Involve yourself in politics and influence. You cannot afford to be a passive ship tossing around each night. Don't let a committee decide your destiny. Practical involvement can even grow your business.
  4. Become a producer rather than a consumer. When you can stand alone financially, you can insulate yourself from government demands, insurance, and subsidy schemes. Learn to be responsible for your actions and provide consistency for your family.

Observe; you'll see Charlie Rankin covering additional valuable points. The most important thing is to look past what mainstream media covers, do your homework, and vote. Your participation ensures life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I investigated several claims, such as Senator Warren's Accountable Capitalism Act. None of this information is hidden. All of it is as shocking as being described.

National control of private enterprises is what former President Ronald Reagan warns about with “Concentration of power has always been the enemy of liberty.” If you have concerns about these issues, please write our offices for resources.

Do you have the right to farm? In most cases, you do not. An invisible master is looming to take away what you have. Whether it is the USDA that forces termination of livestock or a government that overspends.

You can become an active participant in both sustainable activities and the political process. Landholders have always led the way in positive change and expanding freedoms. You can be a part of that change.

Charlie Rankin is an entrepreneur owning a Commercial Real Estate Advisory firm in Goldston NC. His YouTube channel features insights for farmers and property developers. To learn more visit http://Yanasa.US/