YardMap for Prosperity Homestead in Martinsville VA

Easily Visualize Your Permaculture Homestead

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology makes it easy to visualize the design of your permaculture based homestead AND take part in helpful bird habitat research.  Prosperity Homestead joins this mapping project to define essential habitat for birds across this site in Martinsville VA.

Click here to see the Prosperity Homestead YardMap from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

You can certainly do this for your clients to help them see how their property contributes.  Just be careful only to map existing design elements because you are participating in research.  Bird habitat is designed into this site because they help with pest control and at times turning over mulch.

Discover from regional trainers how to identify birds, cultivate their habitat, and conserve your property for constructive growth.  Contact us today to get on the mailing list for upcoming classes, or to schedule an appointment to visit our demonstration sites.