Mushroom growing in mulch and straw

Erosion Control and Run-Off Management

Every rain inch washes away soil, never to be seen again.  Follow this soil down streams of run-off, down creeks into rivers, eventually into disappearing ponds.  Lake Lanier in Martinsville, VA, like hundreds of ponds across Virginia, pays more than $150,000 to be dredged.  This is a massive budget for a private pond.

Why Industry Doesn't Make Erosion Control A Priority

Working with pond management companies, they have no incentive to use holistic management practices because managing watershed erosion in their tiny minds seems to reduce income.  Nothing is further than the truth — in fact, when you know the secrets of erosion control, you build in income streams that every client will be ecstatic.

As a pond owner, imaging these benefits …

  • Healthier fish.  Because erosion control reduces nitrogen levels, can improve pond oxygen levels, and clears up water — fish naturally get bigger.
  • Diversity of edge plants.  Seeds get a chance to grow, building soil around waters edge which encourages good wildlife.
  • Conserve soil volume. Erosion control keeps land in place, rather than running off property.
  • Protects soil biology. The soil food web stays intact when soils stays in place under rain condition.

Pond management is covered elsewhere.  The point is that erosion miles away from that pond impacts the health of that pond.  Soil contamination washes down streams into larger bodies of water.

Erosion Control Matters Even for Small Farms, Homesteads, and Estates

Handling erosion improves property values for the homeowner, maintains landscaping with fewer resources, and protects their home.  In Martinsville, VA, like many towns worldwide, erosion can even damage foundations and homes.

You don't need many acres to benefit from keeping quality soil in place. Minding your runoff, nutrition loads, and how water moves across your land. It is as small as picking up after your pets to managing the grade around your house.

It is estimated 75 billion tonnes of topsoil are eroded every year; this equates to 80% of the world's agricultural soils are impacted by erosion.   What will surprise most people is that you can remediate many erosion problems in an afternoon for the average urban property using basic tools.

A Landscaper who learns erosion control can even create more space to maintain, plus delight their client to no end.  But more grass isn't the objective of proper erosion management.  At Prosperity Homestead, erosion management grows beds, walking paths, and part of the functional landscape.

Where to Learn More About Practical Erosion Control

In our practical hands-on erosion control classes, you'll learn earthworks skills, materials management, space planning, how to read watersheds, and much more.  Classes run from full-day to half-day with supplemental marketing sessions to help you start adding this powerful service to your book of business.

One visitor to the homestead commented on the trench berm-covered vegetables saying, “What a beautiful vegetable bed.”  Not even realizing this area was washed out several times before, fully restored into a functional bed that even produces mushrooms.

To get involved in upcoming erosion control classes, contact us to get on our announcement list.