Farm Safety Plan? Common Farm Dangers to Avoid

Farming is dangerous. And with economic uncertainty, it becomes even more dangerous. Would you be able to handle any of these common farm dangers?

Most homesteaders and small farms wouldn’t have a clue. They don't know what to do with trespassers, sick animals, falling tractors, and ankle-breaking holes.

With this approach, you can protect the physical security of family members. You can stay safe from trespassing, wild animals, theft, and other common farm dangers.

Will you be ready for problems that will arise? You don't have to be a paramedic, but you need a plan. Today's episode gets you started.

Let's be safe on our land. You'll enjoy it more and have a healthier homestead. Write with your questions. I'm building out a safe and secure homestead course that may interest you.

Which of these dangers have you seen on your farm? If you aren't already on your farm or homestead, many of these challenges won't be obvious. I hope this episode gets you started.

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