Geoff Lawton presents Permaculture in Paradise

Feeding 20 Families With 1 Acre

In a recent video from Geoff Lawton a profitable farm on 1 acre shows you can have abundance for a whole community.  Imagine what is possible with a simple homestead, even without acres of land, starting where you are today.  How are they able to feed twenty families on one acre?

Permaculture in Paradise” shares the story of Dano and his wife Robin who switched  off their TV 34 years ago to cultivate a tiny property in the forest of Molokai (HI) to focus on permaculture.  One thing I disagree with in the video is the implied point that you need to be smart.

To get started simply following appropriate patterns for your environment will get you smart, however, you don't need to be smart to get started.  All the same, this video is inspirational in many ways.  Often the best path is the one least walked and often contrary to what others believe is survival.

The key to success is design. A green jungle of vegetation that gets better with age. Trees and vegetables working together for abundance.

Discover permaculture design today so you can get smart about improving the prosperity of your homestead.  Watching this video you'll notice the abundance that can be yours if you have the courage to start today.  Wishing you the best.