Gaining Value From Opportunity Resources

Walking Zola I heard the sound of chainsaws in the distance.  It was Big Al & Sons Tree Service removing some troubled Poplar and Pine in my neighbor across the ways backyard.  It only takes seconds to ask.These guys are champions.  Last year they dropped two loads of wood chips for me as that became foot paths in two separate garden areas.  Every raised bed has mulch trenching on contour to slow water and retain moisture.

[Ed note:  Big Al & Son's did work for Prosperity Homestead last year on trees behind the house, today they did work on trees in another neighbors yard.  They really hustle to keep crews busy — a lesson for all service providers.  Especially since there were up here in Martinsville VA from High Point NC an hour away.]

Untreated wood chips from tree services jobs are often left to rot, piled behind some trimmers back lot.  Worse, hauling around those materials burns a lot of fuel.  Most tree services companies have to pay to dump these materials.

The smart tree service crews find people like me to take those materials near the job site.  An Arborist on the site recognized me, we shared some small talk, and they dumped another load six feet high for this years gardening paths.

With several raised beds, including a few hugelkultur beds, thick mulch paths help maintain sides.  Plus, chips are inoculated with oyster mushrooms over the season.  It only took a year for the trenched chips to turn into humus rich soil.

Below these new chips worms will finish the soil to be turned onto beds in the third year.  What's important about this if that a waste material (wood chips from tree trimming) serves many purposes in the permaculture demonstration garden.

A few of my neighbors get it.  Most are confused.  Meanwhile these wood chips work double duty benefiting the local ecosystem which I'll cover in another post.  The point is just as much an opportunity for the any tree service company as it is for my garden.

It doesn't matter what those wood chips are doing for my garden — for the tree service company this partnership reduces fuel costs, lets them run more jobs without driving far from the job site to dump, and they finish the job with more profit by avoiding tipping fees.  All benefits that save time and money to name a few.

If they were using Prosperity Homestead's marketing solutions, they could unlock hidden income opportunities that come from reducing waste streams.  At least Big Al & Sons Tree Service has a team open to idea to share the value of this opportunity resource.  Contact us to learn more about opportunity resources, as a materials management opportunity.