See how Prosperity Homestead is growing over the years. Each photograph tells a story of permaculture application, organic growing, and land best management practices.

Each Year Moves Towards a Prosperous Urban Homestead

Visit each gallery to see how this property changes.

  • Late Spring 2013, focus on solving land problems while defining growing spaces.
  • Spring 2015, setting up more growing areas for late greens and cover.
  • Fall Season 2015, cultivating more beds while boosting organic recycling.

More garden tours will post as images are available. If you have a specific season you want to see, including behind the scenes from videos, contact us.

Each year thousands of photographs are taken during tours, for instructional videos, and during projects to show progress. Many of those photographs are part of articles here.

Imagine your own garden paradise. If you have pictures from your experiences with Prosperity Homestead, contact us to be featured here.  Thanks for visiting.