Helping Affluent Home Owners and Communities Increase Property Values Through Ecologically Sound Solutions

Helping property owners and home services contractors apply permaculture ethics starting here in Martinsville Virginia, across the Piedmont region.  Using regenerative solutions clients move towards becoming stewards of the natural ecology.

Consulting include land best management practices (BMP), agricultural/resort marketing, and back office support for home services contractors who want to grow their business.  Serving contractors who deliver Landscaping, Tree services, Excavation, Forestry, and Property management to affluent property owners.

The Prosperity Homestead center has demonstration gardens showing permaculture and no-dig gardening methods.  Exhibits on ecological erosion control, cover crops, and holistic land management.  Tours are by appointment only.

Martinsville VA is a unique example.  With mountainous terrain, plus 41″ of rain each year, urban areas  burdened with erosion, nitrogen run off, and overrun of wildlife.  The once lush hardwood forests of Forest Park and Druid Hills stripped by deer and washed clean of top soil from rains.

Clients get reliable solutions through partnerships with strong-minded leaders who have the forethought to restore its natural beauty using methods available to them.  Emphasis is placed on modeling historical estates, skills building of contractors, and regional partnerships to deliver sustainable solutions.

Food Security and Healthy Food Choices are Two of Many Local Martinsville-Henry County Problem We Can Solve Together

Here are some of the problems Prosperity Homestead seeks to resolve through partner organizations, private business, and individual property owner education:

  • Regional Food Deserts.  Without access to fresh quality food there is a significant increase  of problems ranging from childhood obesity to cognitive development issues.  According to a 2016 report, “County Health Rankings” conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 21% of the City of Martinsville face food insecurity problems.
  • Lack of Green Space.  While many regional parks are available, most are sterile artificial spaces lacking beneficial insects, undisturbed natural environments, and face limited support in resolving on-going erosion issues.  Lake Lanier is one example, the costs to maintain this high-value resource are far beyond the reasonable membership rate.
  • Biological Remediation.  While regional industry brings jobs, many left behind sites which are unproductive due to contamination, natural erosion conditions made worse with neglect, and irresponsible use of chemical fertilizers running off into waterways.  From coal ash to concentrations of urban run-off, biological remediation solutions are available.

The good news is that models for solutions are available, the gap is viable regional contractors to implement projects that serve home owners, citizens, and local government.  Understanding such solutions improves public acceptance, demand, and use which moves forward a whole community.

Clients solve these problems by development a significant profit motive for both the consumer and community.  Many solutions that have worked in other regions are self-funded, or grow quickly from seed capital.  The problem is the solution and an opportunity across this region.

An Ecological Approach is a Systems Thinking Long Term Solutions That Requires Significant Change

Prosperity Homestead partners with both regional and international solutions provider.  From the adoption of Virginia Stormwater BMP and Environmental Best Practices to consulting with universities specializing in sustainable solutions.  Here's an example of who fuels our team with insights, guidance, and talent:

  • University of North Carolina,
  • Virginia Tech (Blacksburg)
  • Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ),
  • Virginia Water Resources Research Center,
  • The Permaculture Research Institute,
  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology,
  • National Wildlife Federation,
  • USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS),

These represent both governmental and non-governmental organizations without a commercial interest in specific practices.  Historical land management practices include those which made Monticello, The Biltmore Estate, and Reynolda destination sites.

With the level of talent available, our roles is to organize, facilitate, and direct the commercial viability of sustainable land management best practice.  This includes consulting, site design, land management, and advisory services.

Prosperity Homestead is a “Certified Backyard Habitat” site, as well as participates in numerous studies, wildlife census, and land trust programs.  If you have questions about land management topics including invasive weeds, native plants, pesticide reduction, stormwater management, and wildlife stewardship, then you are in the right place.

[Pending Virginia SWaM Program Certification, Hubzone, Disability-Owned Business Enterprise (DOBE) Certifications via parent company JWH Consolidated.  Seeking Veteran and Minority Owned business partners interested in City, State, and Federal contracts under Virginia “Small Business & Supplier Diversity” initiatives.  Contact us for details.]