What a Roman Knew About Green Home Design That You Don’t

When looking for the perfect homestead design, there was one design that came up more than ever. From China to Mexico, this green design addresses most problems with today’s housing.

What You Should Know About Green Home Design (21:05) Justin Hitt

Are you frustrated with high energy costs?

You'll pay for the push for renewable energy without systems that reduce consumption. The cost of keeping livable square footage is going up each year. During COVID-19 some regions even have shortages in building materials.

Do you fear protesters showing up at your home?

Many affluent homeowners are targets of protesters. Angry mobs who believe your stuff ought to be their stuff. This modest home design delivers utility value while protecting your family.

Are you frustrated with the comfort of your home?

Too hot, too cold. Modern solutions are awfully expensive. Yet this historic design solves all these problems with 5,000 years of testing. This design doesn’t cost much to start, you can even expand it.

Three critical factors affect how green your home can be. What is that most flexible design? Discover those details and more in today’s problem “Historic Green Design.”


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