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How this common problem of wandering dogs decreases property values

Would you let your child wander a community and work up the other kids?  If you wouldn’t want your kid out causing trouble, then you ought not to let your dog.  Wandering dogs contribute to the barking problem and lower property values.

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This speckled dog is making rounds on 5/10. It doesn't take a slip lead, so it has been hard to catch. Poor thing is going to get hit by a car.

It visits other dogs and gets them worked up.  Otherwise quiet dogs bark at an intruder who wanders into mark territory and eat trash.

Most don't realize that wandering dogs impact property values. They tear up trash, induce noise, and create a perception of disorder.

Think about what a movie producer does to show a bad neighborhood.  They introduce wandering dogs or barking noises to a scene. 

In this case I heard barking going on for 20 minutes, finally had enough.  Can you relate to this frustration?  What would you do?

In my area there is an oversupply of homes.  Many sit 240 days on market and according to a recent appraisal my home is worth less each year.

 Besides the safety concerns of unleashed feral dogs, wandering dogs’ telegraph other problems. Responsible owners don't let their dogs wander. 

Community problems repel home buyers which further lowers property values.  The value of a home is often a high percentage of older American’s retirement.

Either by reverse mortgaging or selling their home equity becomes coverage for living expenses.  That wandering dog is stealing away prosperity. 

You can reduce wandering dogs by holding pet owners accountable.  If you won’t do something, then who will?

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