How to Go From Worry About Food Security to Abundance

Am I a heartless bastard? After all, I'm telling people asking for help that they have the solution within them. Not giving them money, but something more valuable.

Someone Asks for Money, Is That Really What They Need?

How to Go From Worry to Abundance (YouTube, 19:02)

Here's the context:

Two individuals in Kenya write about using permaculture to feed hungry orphans. Instead of sending money, I offer knowledge.

It may sound heartless. Even elitist, especially when the industrialized world seems so blessed. At least, that is what those outside that system believe.

To offer knowledge rather than money may even seem disrespectful. Believe me, it's less work to pay a visitor to go away. I may find it less frustrating, too.

Social Narrative Demonstrates Most Don't Understand Mental Slavery

What is my scheme? Is this an act of colonialism or freedom? Listen, this message will help you solve any problem.

Believing money is necessary to solve problems is proof of buy-in to a system that exploits you. What if there were solutions that don't require money?

Especially the problems of food insecurity that are coming. Many communities around the world face supply chain problems.

In my community in Martinsville, VA, children go to bed hungry. Food security is becoming a larger problem. Even the Virginia Department of Health study shows troubling health statistics for Martinsville. What is about your community?

These problems are not uncommon in most of the world today. Starvation and famine used to be more common. When problems keep happening, the typical solution isn't working.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” — Albert Einstein

While starvation and famine are less common, something else has happened. Much of the world's food is unfit to eat. They lack nutrition. Even impacting how you think, feel, and interact. Money is NOT the solution.

How to Stop Worrying About Food Security and Start Living

A wise person finds solutions rather than excuses. That's what our coaching program for homesteaders seeks to help you do as well.

Imagine growing your food, building your shelter, and recovering any loss. Not that you have to, but you could if you so desire.

Imagine being part of a community that has viable answers rather than Band-Aids. Not quick fixes but viable long-term solutions for prosperity.

I wholeheartedly encourage folks to join the Homestead Mastermind with Scott Vernon. Scott offers practical insights to bring abundance to your family, friends, and community.

If you're already a coaching member, write to express your interest so I can unlock your access. Now more than ever, community building matters. Free your minds from limitations and start taking action toward prosperity.

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