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Typical Subscribers Have (or Desire) a Homestead of Five or More Acres That Reliably Provides For Their Family

Each email includes household and land management insights, including:

  • Latest podcasts on land management, holistic living, and boosting land production without harming natural systems.
  • Tips and tricks to live more with nature no matter how much land you have, and do it while reducing your carbon footprint.
  • How to cash flow your property quickly with ecological solutions, do this to build more sustainable communities.
  • Insights boost local food economic systems, so that food security is a fact rather than a dream for your family. More healthy food daily.
  • Increase cash flow to make your homestead pay for itself while growing into a small farm or grand estate.
  • Ways to increase your land's recreational, investment, and lifestyle value without harming ecology.
  • Discover means to cultivate a self-sufficient homestead, plus urban skills that free you from the grind of city life.
  • Secrets of low-input organic gardening that lets you scale food product and calories per acre while regenerating soil.
  • Applying permaculture ethics in your home and immediate community so that you develop a worthwhile culture.
  • Solve big problems facing society today, starting in your own home. Create the lifestyle you want sustainably and securely.
  • Learn how ancient cultures overcame economic and social unrest by design using simple methods for all seasons.

Start with the land you have, and reach the dreams you desire. You'll get answers to your questions plus short notes of interest to holistic-thinking homeowners who want prosperity from their homestead.

About the Publisher and Editor, Teachers of Homesteading Skills That Deliver Food Security and Lifestyle

You get practical research and learn from the experiences of Justin Hitt. A permaculture designer with more than 20 years of organic gardening experience. Beyond the pages of “Back to Basics” and other homesteading manuals, you can focus on application.

Justin Hitt brings you years of research in household management, human cultural behavior, small-scale regenerative agriculture, and horticulture. This newsletter also introduces you to experts across all areas of managing a thriving homestead.

A FREE Newsletter Focusing on Maturing Your Homestead Into A Small Farm or Estate With Environmentally Sustainable Methods

This newsletter is NOT about the poverty porn of rural living. You can have a homestead without living in a shack. And certainly NOT about doing everything yourself. The best life is one within a like-minded community.

Even plain living is rich with family, friends, and healthy relationships. This newsletter is perfect for anyone familiar with church, monastic, or communal living based on individual freedoms.

You don't have to have a pioneering spirit to be successful with these techniques. But you do need to be willing to learn, work together, and build something worthy of generations to come. Are you ready to have the freedom and security you desire?

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