Want Food Security?

Helping You Start Homesteading In 12 Months Or Less … At Break Even Or Better Without … Even If You Have A Demanding Full-Time Career!

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Discover Practical Insights To Start A Small Farm or Homestead … Escaping The City While Creating Financial And Physical Security!

Start Your Small Farm, Homestead, Or Hunting Estate Without The Hype … Finally, Realize Your Dream Of Self-Sufficiency!

You're in the right place if you are trapped behind a desk, dreaming of the homesteading lifestyle. Prosperity Homestead helps you design, establish, and manage agricultural land projects. Perfect for business owners and executives who want a small farm, homestead, or to develop a hunting estate.

Discover what it takes to escape the city for a lifestyle where you reconnect with nature. Follow the journey of Justin Hitt, a business analyst, and risk management professional who found his escape in organic gardening and permaculture design. Transform your land into an ecological preserve while increasing property values.

With technology, you can continue developing your career or business while living more self-sufficient with higher-quality food. Get food security and the physical security of your private retreat. Or live on a fully functioning small farm or homestead. You will vacation where you live, enjoying the simple life. With all the bespoke courses, newsletters, and podcasts to get you started.

Write anytime with your questions; contact us here.

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