Low-Cost Way to Start With Goats on Small Livestock Farm

If you want animals for your homestead, where do you start? What's your first choice with small livestock on your homestead?

Low-Cost Way to Start With Goats on Small Livestock Farm (YouTube, 15:06)

There are a lot of choices to make. Do you want animals for meat? Or animals for work? What about animals that can provide dairy?

Do You Need Large Acreage To Raise Livestock?

You can raise livestock even if you don't have a lot of space. That's what this episode is about.

You can have as little as five acres or even hundreds. The main property managed here is overgrown scrubland. The type of land you have is an essential factor.

Your choice of livestock depends on the number of acres and type of land. In my region, you'll find:

  • Chickens, small acreage, pasture or trees.
  • Cattle, large acres with pasture.
  • Sheep, medium acreage with pasture.
  • Goats, small acreage with pasture or trees.
  • Ducks, small acreage with water and pasture.

The list of animals you might choose can go on forever. Some livestock, like rabbits, quail, and pigeons, can even fit in a smaller space.

Again, small can be as little as five acres. You can get away with less. However, if you want food security, give acres, which provides more options.

My Rational Behind Goats As A Fit For This Land

Goats are small herd animals; they will clean up your land. Goats have a strong herd instinct. You should plan to have more than one.

Because I'm working with degraded, overgrown land, I needed an animal that can work. Anything that can clear underbrush is a winner.

For me, dairy goats are a good choice:

  • Dairy provides immediate calories,
  • Breeding for meat requires dairy work,
  • Bucks can be raised for meat,
  • High demand for dairy goats,
  • Milk to make cheese and soap,
  • Already consume milk and cheese,

If you'll be raising goats for meat, there are many options. They don't require a lot of infrastructure. You can even raise goats off-grid.

This is the start of an off-grid goats series. Helping small farmers start with goats even if they don't have power.

It's Easy Getting Started Raising Goats

In today's episode, I cover the high-level items you need to raise goats off-grid. The same system works for other small livestock.

  1. Solar fence charger,
  2. Head tank for water,
  3. Electric mesh fencing,
  4. Watering and feed totes,
  5. Shelter for goats,

This is a beginner's guide to raising goats. Write your questions in the comments below.

The goal of off-grid goats is to help get your homestead started fast. This coaching is a complement to the nomadic caretaker program.

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