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Mission Statement for Prosperity Homestead

Our Mission Statement: This homestead provides educational resources to individuals interested in sustainable living. With partners across south central Virginia, we form a web of eco-tourism for Martinsville, VA. It is community building in practice.

To accomplish this mission, Prosperity Homestead will partner with certified training professionals, subject matter experts, and organizations that advance sustainable living methods that are good for the environment.

Finally, I'm at a point in my life where I can live my ethic, share experiences, and connect clients with sustaining outcomes. This is part of my legacy, as it is with many others involved with this effort.

Consider it a long-term endeavor requiring new understandings, cooperation, continued learning, and creative problem-solving.  Through these efforts, we hope to create a better community for all involved.

The community of Martinsville-Henry County wins every time a marketing plan is executed, a grant is awarded, or a new farm breaks even in the start-up phase. Each training program is designed to stand up profitable businesses in the permaculture framework.

From marketing support to land management, our services drive forward results. Clients benefit from a practical approach that sustainably combines ecology and business. Services include advisory, done for you, and resource management.

If you are a permaculture designer, landscaping contractor, electrical services, or green city, then Prosperity Homestead can help you profitably reduce your environmental impact. Part of our mission is to make profitable environmental care rather than shortcuts that often cause the loss of valuable habitat.

A simple mission statement won't do justice to a community movement. That is why you'll find profiles for several projects, partnerships, and collaborative efforts that make this homestead possible.

As a demonstration and training center, there are many opportunities to get hands-on experience. Join our mailing list to get updates on events, activities, and training sessions. You'll also hear about programs being offered in the region with community partners. Thanks for visiting.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.