Transform your small farm, homestead, or estate into the abundance you've always wanted. Discover proven methods to increase utility value of land while improving ecological features.  Attract your own natural oasis for health, wisdom, and prosperity.

Choose which membership level is right for you.  Each level includes valuable resources contains consulting, management services, and powerful resources.

Prosperity Homestead Newsletter
$97 for 1 Year
For affluent homeowners and entrepreneurs who want natural abundance. News and insights about transforming your small farm, homestead, or estate into all you desire.
Stay up to date on events, resources, and solutions,
Discover insights to improve household and land management,
How to cash flow your property quickly with ecological solutions,
Start living in abundance working with natural systems,
GOLD Membership Level
$397 / Month
You'll get the Prosperity Homestead Newsletter, plus consulting and training resources to attract abundance now. Transform your small farm, homestead, or estate into an escape from stress and frustration.
Start with "Prosperity at Home Plan" assessment, (a $1,969 value)
Access to easy to follow implementation plans and programs, (from $49 to $397 value each)
Coaching to increase utility value of land with ecologically best management practices,
Resources to optimize household management so you get more free time to do what you want, (PRICELESS)
PLATINUM Membership Level
Get everything from the Gold Membership Level, plus tailored hands on services focusing on implementation. From household management, to land conservancy, or even a working small farm.
Implementation of household and land management plans,
Quarterly goals assessment to develop hands free property management, (each a $2,977 value)
Twice annual vendor certification assessment and schedule review, (each a $6,700 value)
Maintain inventory of insurance policy, critical land documents, and archive of household management guide, (a $2,999 value)
Key metrics that turn your homestead into an asset that cash flows,