Recycling of Organic Waste Streams

All around your community thousands of pounds of recyclable organic materials go to waste.  From grass clippings, coffee grounds, vegetables, brush, and leaves.  These materials can be easily collected, recycled, and put to good use — organic waste streams are excellent resources.

Here at Prosperity Homestead more than 2,500 pounds of organic waste gets processed each year ranging from leaves to coffee grounds.  These resources come from sponsors, neighbors, and Mother Nature herself.  From composting to worm bins, it's easy to get started recycling organic materials.

Below you'll find a running chart of some collected recycled materials.  Not everything is weighed and cataloged below before processing.  This is just one example of the volume of resources available to your own homestead.

Organic Materials Recycled at Prosperity Homestead

A running record of some organic materials recycled here into compost and worm bins.

As you can see a constant stream of organic materials come available.  You'll learn how to process these materials the right way without smell, pests, or upset neighbors.  These resources plus leaves, grass, and brush produce more than two yards of compost each year as of this writing.

It is very important to understand that doing this the wrong way will quickly get you in trouble.  Every material resource needs inspected, tested, and free of contaminates.  Don't believe the YouTube videos of just grabbing leaves and grass on the side of the road — write for details about our materials handling and composting classes.