Transform Your Small Farm, Homestead, or Estate Into Your Dream Paradise

Use your GOLD membership to work on specific problems you face.  Increase usable land, cash flow, and drive forward your dream property.  Get direct access to Justin Hitt, Permaculture Design Consultant.

Include concierge content, resources, and tools you can use to implement practical land management insights.  You don't have to have the farm; you want to get started with the land you have.

Useful for urban estates who want to increase property values and function.  Grow your food, cultivate a market garden, or even reduce your food security—access select training resources.

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About Justin Hitt

If you want to get more from your small farm, homestead, or estate, ... Justin Hitt is a Permaculture Design Consultant with more than two decades of experience with organic gardening. He teaches the practical application of critical thinking, entrepreneurial ecology, and homestead management. Practical insights for practitioners, estate owners, and homesteaders. To see if his insights are right for you, join our free newsletter.