P0510A Your Farming Empire

With This, You Will Never Worry About Famine, Economic Disaster, or Political Unrest

Imagine food security and safety guaranteed by a single decision you made today. That decision is to build a community around the needs of your family. Discover a community-building mindset thought lost to ages.

Rather than living alone in poverty, imagine living in a way that builds community. This course is not about an industrial farm but an heirloom existence of peace, value, and culture. That's what you gain from your farming empire.

How to Start Focusing On Your Small Farm or Homestead To Obtain Food Security Now

You get access to a collection of materials that help you build a profitable farm. These profits are measured with the permaculture ethic of people care, earth care, and fair share. This tutorial focuses on building community, food security, and physical safety.

Not some communist eutopia, but instead building on a market economy of individual prosperity. These tools help you create the community you want. Don't live in some fantasy. Instead, start working towards a small farm or homestead that provides for your family.

All proceeds go into the implementation of this plan for members. You'll see practical examples of this plan in podcasts, videos, and content on this website. This program works to create an alternative community of sustainable values.

Investing in this program gives you priority access to questions. Contact us for details.


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