R0929A Safe Secure Homestead

How to Secure Your Property Against Trespassing

Safe Secure Homestead is a land management strategy that creates physical security. Protect yourself from the liability of trespassing, theft, and vandalism.

What you'll learn

  • Understand the basics to secure your homestead against property damage, theft, and animal harm.
  • Ability to handle common physical and mental dangers of living in a rural community or homestead. Self-assessed confidence before and after the program.
  • Identify the best places to install cameras, put trails, and secure assets. Improve overall coverage.
  • Discuss your property, networking, access points, and identify points for cameras from satellite images.

Learn from Justin Hitt's practical physical security experience in assets and property management. Including experience with TEMPEST, armed security, and risk management.

Additional experience includes health and safety best practices. This consultative program tailors to your specific needs. Drawing from more than three decades of experience.

Working with government contractors and technology companies, you get a broad spectrum approach to safety on your property. Plus, household and farm management insights.

Materials from additional instructors and experts may be available according to your needs.

What to expect

  1. Instant access to course materials,
  2. Schedule onboarding assessment, 90-minutes,
  3. You will be given guidance for study,
  4. Schedule a workshop session, 2-3 hours,
  5. Delivery of maps, guides, and checklists,

Your guidance for study may include video, audio, and self-paced materials. You are welcome to attend with your family. Attendees over 16 years of age are recommended.

One course registration is valid for a single family on one physical property. Please use individual registrations for non-family members or small groups.

Ask about group discounts for church or social groups. The program adapts for groups of up to 21 adult attendees. Typically, the program is available online over video conferencing.

What you get

Topics include risk management for agricultural properties, food safety, and typical trespassing issues. Coverage can include electronic and video monitoring.

  • Access to course materials and supplements for one year (a $197 value),
  • Priority question and answer access for two years (a $397 value),
  • Technical support for gear and configurations we recommend (a $1900 value),
  • A VIP ticket to attend an on-location workshop on the same topic (a $697 value),
  • Written report of findings and recommendations for property (a $890 value),

You'll be able to implement a plan plus address typical safety and physical security needs for a small farm. You'll get practice steps to reduce liability, theft, and vandalism.

This course is delivered as a consultation specific to your needs. It is not intended as a complete training on all aspects of farm safety.

Who should attend

If you own hunting land, farmland, a homestead of five acres or more, or desire to own land, this course protects your investment. You don't have to own land to attend this course.

If you manage or caretaker estates or farms, protecting the interests of a corporate or private owner. Especially if you manage recreational, agricultural, or conservation land.

If you operate a retreat center, church, or club property that interacts with the public. Protect your facility and land from unauthorized visitors.

This is an entry-level or refresher course plus consultation. You may be bored if you have a background in physical security, law enforcement, or military police.

Attendees of this course are families in communities who want an introduction to safety and liability concerns associated with farming. Yet you can direct the consultation to apply to your needs at any level of experience.

Item# R0929A | Course + Consultation

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