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How These Sustainable Business Practices Creates Opportunity for Permaculture Designers

A huge opportunity for the Permaculture Design Consultants is the implementation of sustainable business practices. These concepts are even reaching mainstream businesses and universities. One such example is in the fine work Professor WILL HOOKER is doing with NC State University. Continue reading

Even the Foot Paths Work Here

In the permaculture demonstration garden, there are trenched foot paths filled with wood chip mulch. These paths serve as an example of both materials management and how everything in permaculture serves a purpose.  Here’s an outline of what these paths do in the demonstration garden. Continue reading

Mushroom growing in mulch and straw

Erosion control and run-off management

Every rain inches of soil wash away, never to be seen again.  Follow this soil down streams of run-off, down creeks into rivers, eventually into disappearing ponds.  Lake Lanier in Martinsville VA, like hundreds of ponds across Virginia pay more than $150,000 to be dredged.  This is a massive budget for a private pond. Continue reading