It does your community no good to have the skills of permaculture, homesteading, or ecological land management if what you know is locked in your head.  For prosperity your whole community needs that abundance.  

Certified design professionals need the opportunity to incorporate these needed insights into their living.

The only way for these sound methods to be adopted by the general population is to make available a network of trained professional service providers.  Let's face it, most have wasteful green yards because they believe that is the way it is supposed to be.  

When you are hired for your knowledge, you deliver a service that benefits everyone.

Services available at Prosperity Homestead, through our trainers and those in this community of experts:

Class registration, tool kits, and books are available in the on-line shop.  Whether you use self study materials or attend one of our hands-on training, contact us about your preferences to be sure to get you the right announcements.

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