Marketing Support

Making a living as a permaculture or homesteading consultant insures these skills are maintained.  To help you succeed in this new lifestyle the following marketing support services are available:

  • Event promotion.  Boost your attendees whether training, demonstrations, or speaking opportunity.
  • Public relations.  Advocate ecological and sustainable solutions in your community to grow your consulting opportunities.
  • Direct marketing.  Sell more of your services while making possible these sustainable solutions for a better planet.

Some believe that fees shouldn't be charged for these services.  The truth is that most people won't learn or value something that is free, but they will purchase value that benefits them.  Need proof, see this post, “Demand for permaculture and homestead service providers growing.”

Our objective is to make “Permaculture Designers” and “Homestead Consultants” as common as “Landscape Designers” and “Closet Organizers” — If you're serious about growing your passion, contact us for details about marketing support.

How a hippy idea about falling food became a simply way to save the world

During a holiday trip to Toronto Canada, after being fondled by DHS at several airports I was delighted to get a walk in the fresh air only to discover something never expected.  It was an entire community designed to manage rain water run off, recycle organics and all trash curbside, and with walking access to everything.

Every home had cold storage root cellars, rain water capture for lawn irrigation, and multiple zoned home climate controls.  Lawns were low water with garden beds, houses were aligned with the sun for warms that relevant shade.  While the community wasn't perfect, it was within eye sight of a massive pig farm without a single smell.

In the city of Toronto there was wind generation, edible landscaping, and smart water management.  More predominately I saw similar methods in the mountains of Taiwan, even in Taipei City.  What was that “hippy idea” — it's Bill Mollison's Permaculture Ethic!

The examples of what I saw that were sustainable, that made great use of resources, that produced rather than consumed, … all were brought to greater light in permaculture.

Spotted across the United States, examples connected in my mind from trips to San Diego and Charlottesville using similar methods.  But like a bad dream it seemed many more reminders of ignorance perked up here.  What makes all the difference between a place with design that complements nature, and a place that does not?

Simply put, the biggest difference is the availability of qualified contractors.  It was Architects, Landscapers, City Planners, and a team of smart contractors that made the greatest example of sufficiency possible.  You can make that difference, but it doesn't matter how good you are or what solutions you offer if nobody knows you exist.  Contact us about marketing skills to help you grow your business while improving the world around you.

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