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Skills Training

You can learn the secrets of permaculture, homesteading, and wilderness survival in a hands on environment.  For your continuing education, skills training is offered in:

Contact us for course schedules and availability in your area.  Most classes are held in South Central Virginia from Charlottesville to North Carolina down to Greensboro.

“They used to laugh at my dad's quirky cooking and weird hobbies, until trapped by four feet of snow inside their houses for three weeks!”

It all started when in Maryland a big storm took out power at our Morganza home for three weeks.  The skills my Father had been sharing with us paid off in that moment.  My family wasn't even inconvenienced by the storm.  No power, no heat, no refrigeration, no problem.

Getting back to school it was almost humorous to hear of the suffering my friends seem to endure while we had hot venison stew, fresh bread, and a different meal every day.  Even fresh and preserved vegetables.  It would have been funny but for the ignorance of those masses.

Other storms came and went, but it was the winter storm that showed me that you have a choice more than anything about how prepared you are.  Whether it is a natural disaster, man-made tragedy, or  act of God.  With the right skills you are the master of your ship.

It's only survival if you have to struggle.  I owe it to my parents and grand-parents before them this passion I have for gardening which has expanded over time to self-sufficiency.  As you'll discover in these programs, it goes beyond being able to take care of myself to being a shepherd for your community.

Are you ready to start mastering your destiny or will you just follow the herd?  Contact us about getting your copy of our training schedule.  Write us with your questions, stories, and experiences with these knowledge areas.  Prepare yourself for prosperity starting at home.

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