Deadfall from storm over unmanaged forest

Holistic Land Management

Classes in holistic land management show you how to restore natures  beauty with pattern recognition, permaculture stacking, and forestry insights.  You'll get more from your wooded zone 4 and 5 spaces, plus valuable resource for your homestead.

As a service provider, you'll discover new add-on services that open the door to a world of opportunity as communities adopt sustainable practices.  In these classes you'll learn:

  • Erosion control,
  • Earthworks systems,
  • Pond management,
  • Forest restoration,
  • Food forests,

You get access to certified instructors plus marketing insights to get these jobs in your area.  Imagine what a difference you can make bringing back wildlife, reducing property damage, and increasing available resources.  Contact us about the class which interests you to get on our announcement list.

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