The One-Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming

Call it “Zen and the Art of Farming” or a “Little Green Book,” Masanobu Fukuoka’s manifesto about farming, eating, and the limits of human knowledge presents a radical challenge to the global systems we rely on for our food.  An interesting read.

At the same time, it is a spiritual memoir of a man whose innovative system of cultivating the earth reflects a deep faith in the wholeness and balance of the natural world. You'll be delighted by the simplicity of the methods presented and its harmony with nature.

My first interaction with these concepts was through Larry Korn, one of Kukuoka's students.  In just 9 minutes and 7 seconds you'll be delighted by these concepts and want to learn more.

The One-Straw Revolution — Larry Korn Talks About His Experiences with Masanobu Fukuoka

Without any dependency on chemicals, plowing, or flooding he raises as much rice as neighbors. Yields for other crops remain strong, despite additional crops in the same fields. Two unique features of this method:

  1. Use of ducks to fertilize and weed grains.
  2. Natural approach to farm management.

You don’t have to grow rice to use this method. Any cereal grains, broad acre crop, or mixed vegetable growing area can benefit from this simple approach.

While the book is more philosophy, it provides a basis for a system for farming that can last generations.  Get your copy of The One-Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming here.

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