Touring the Homestead From Late Spring 2013

Founded in 2013, Prosperity Homestead started growing right away. Transforming a distressed home into a garden paradise. It took cutting away many distractions early in the year.

Transforming a Neglected Urban House into a Permaculture Homestead

Each photograph tells a story of permaculture application, organic growing, and land best management practices. The original property was overgrown, two years on the market without maintenance.

This means tall trees in front and behind the house. Overgrown bamboo areas and erosion across the steeply sloping property. Here are some of the best highlights of 2013 growing.

It wasn't easy to go from neglect to edible crops. And I didn't start right away. It took a few months after moving in late 2012 to observe potential growing spaces.

2013 Late Spring Simple Homestead Garden Design Tour

  • I raised nursery beds. Moving all the raised beds from my previous home, I use them for nursery space. There is NO backyard, so the best access is in front of the house.
  • Rainwater diversion trench. A wet basement is no fun. Moving rainwater from the front of the house to the side is done by preparing a trench for French drains.
  • Use of mulch pathing. Thinning out overgrown landscaping reveals a possible food forest area. Heavy mulching covers old mulch while giving a universal appearance.

Much of what I did to improve this property confused neighbors. The expectation was sterile cookie-cutter landscapes from a big box store. Instead, I introduce a step towards English Natural Landscaping.

Starting Early to Identify Land Problems and Possible Solutions

While planting any edible plants, the larger structure of the property was my main concern. Heavy rains wash away most of the topsoil, the basement leaks, and deferred maintenance needs addressing.

Contrary to initial thoughts, my focus is to increase property values while getting more utility from my land. At a little under an acre, this mostly wooded lot has potential.

Can permaculture work with property investment and real estate? How can you see a garden improving land utility? Learn all this and more with Prosperity Homestead. Write with your questions.

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