Cluster of yellow mushrooms

Yellow Mystery Mushrooms Discovered

Can you name these yellow mushrooms?  It will be a few mushroom classes before I'll be confident about eating mushrooms found in the woods.  Hundreds of these mushrooms are all around Prosperity Homestead.

Is this a Chanterelle mushroom or something else?  Our mushroom trainers could tell you.  What I do know is about the Oyster and Shiitake mushrooms growing on logs inoculated in 2013 — but I won't eat these without knowing for sure.

Some mushroom deliver heath benefits, nutrition, and healing, while others bring death. Do you know which ones you can eat and which you cannot?

Here are some mushrooms at Prosperity Homestead. There are hundreds of them over the acre.  Are they edible or are they not?  There is a big difference.

The problem with NOT knowing which mushrooms are edible is that you could eat something that will kill you. However, you may one day need mushrooms to save you.  Will you be ready?

Just getting a book isn't going to do it even if there are many good books available.  If you want to know which mushrooms are truly edible you need to spend time with an experienced forager. But getting an identification guide is a good start.

That's why mushroom classes are critical to you health. Not just to cultivate your own as we do here, but to give you forage skills.  Growing mushrooms is a skill you can gain here at Prosperity Homestead. Just contact us to find out when the next class is available as well as if you have any questions.